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Find Out Why My Risk-Free Traffic Is Entirely Different And How It Delivers Hungry Prospects Who Truly Want To Buy From You And Are Guaranteed To Convert.

If you are promoting any Business Opportunity or Make Money Online related offer and are looking to explode your online business, build an impressive downline and create an autopilot evergreen recurring income source...

You are in the right place.

Because I am going to show you how to achieve that without ANY risk, hassle or confusion in the shortest period of time... Even if you are only starting out.


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Hi! And welcome to Risk Free Solo Ads 2.0!

I'm Eugene Collinger, and for years I've been serving traffic to big and small names in the industry, complete beginners and huge team leaders, enabling them to grow and prosper online.

I've delivered millions of clicks, built massive lists but traffic was never the sole focus of my business.

See, YOU, my client, don't really need traffic. Your primary concern is not leads or clicks.

What You Are Truly After Is The RESULTS!

And to make sure that you get what you need, I implemented few key state-of-art components in my business.

Components that transformed my traffic service into something completely unique..

Into something that literally allows you to grow on complete autopilot with most quality targeted leads possible.

Coupled with a truly human face where me and my assistants are literally at the hand-reach, ready to help, support and teach you everything you need to know to kickstart your business.

Yes 🙂 I've redefined what traffic service really means. All to remove your risks, fear and confusion and ensure astonishing success.

Ever since I focused on these true values, the return rate of my clients skyrocketed to 90%+. Which means that literally 90% of my traffic is sold-out in advance every given month.

It also means that I have very limited spots to accept new clients.

But even if we haven't worked before - I'll be more than happy to talk to you and see if your offer and my traffic are a great match 🙂

Please follow the steps below to learn the specific details on how I am able to deliver exceptional results to my clients.

And after you are done with the videos, fill out a short form to qualify for a completely free traffic consultation where you and me will sit down and draw a plan on how to take your business to the next level.

Excited? I am!


Step 1. Here's How You Can Get Warmed Up Prospects Who Are Already Excited About YOUR Offer.

Watch the video below to learn how I am able to literally "get into the head" of my prospects to understand their desires, interests and true goals.

Which then allows me to segment, warm them up and target towards your offer in a highly emotional, ready-to-buy state of mind.

Step 2. Watch This To Learn Why Your Conversions Are GUARANTEED.

Step 3. To Find Out If My Traffic Is a GREAT Match For Your Offer And Get Started, Fill Out This Quick Form.

It only takes a minute and I will be in touch shortly after.

I am looking forward speaking to you!

What Else Makes My Traffic So Different And So Effective?

  • High Readiness To Buy

    Leads nurturing and segmentation allows me to handpick and warm-up prospects to a stage of “When and how do I start” rather than just being curious.

  • Great Conversions

    Your traffic is risk-free and converts, or you don’t pay – simple. Again, it’s all about taking the risk off your shoulders.

  • Top-Tier Traffic

    To ensure maximum quality from 80% to 100% of your leads are guaranteed to come from countries with the biggest buying power – United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

  • An Expert At Your Side

    Online world can be utterly confusing and dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. I am here to support you all the way before and AFTER the solo ad is over to guide you on how to treat, nurture, monetize your leads and take your business to the next level.

  • Sales Funnel Setup

    Do you have a feeling that company-provided landing page is heavily overused? Not sure how to create your own? No worries, you will get it custom made for you at no extra cost.

  • Fresh And Active Subscribers

    I refresh my lists with anywhere from 200 to 500 subscribers on any given day. Which means, that even if you order 5,000 clicks per month, you will have fresh leads eagerly jumping on your offers.

Reach Out If You Have Any Questions

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